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The Best Men’s Leather Wallet

Best leather wallets for men 2019

Men’s Leather wallets are extremely popular, and for good reason, stylish, durable and convenient for any situation you may find yourself in. They are easy to maintain and clean, one wallet can last you an extremely long time. These are the top leather wallets around..Read more

How Do You Find the Best Wallet Design

The best slim wallet for men 2019

Can you feel your wallet digging into you each time you sit down or walk down the street, chances you have found yourself here because you are searching for a solution to that problem. Slim wallets are still number one when you are looking to..Read more

Top 5 of the best Money Clips for men 2019

Money Clips and Money Clip Wallets are for the minimalist. Their design is made to be lightweight, they are a statement not only to yourself but anyone that looks showing you value style and class. We went out, found the best five and reviewed them..Read more

How To Maintain Leather Wallet

How To Maintain Leather Wallet

A wallet is one of the must-have accessories in your life. It is even more so important for you to take care of it. Your wallet requires a commitment to keep it in a pristine condition. This is even more so if you have a..Read more

How to make a mens leather wallet

How To Make A Men’s Leather Wallet

If you like minimal wallets, you are going to love making your minimalist leather wallet. The minimalist trend is a great addition to the many trends in the men’s fashion. Choosing to go for minimalist wallets can help reduce pocket bulge from overstuffed wallets and..Read more

accessories wallet money clip

Viosi RFID Men’s Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet

  A wallet is an essential part of everyone’s life. Even in this day and age where credit cards and virtual balances have almost entirely replaced the need for cash, you still need a place for all those cards. You have your basics – ID,..Read more

How to clean a leather wallet

How to clean a leather wallet

One of the most common items always needs to be replaced is a wallet. The truth is that many men end up buying the first wallet that they see. Unfortunately many wallets end up breaking and in some instances you even end up losing your..Read more


How To Dry A Leather Wallet

When it comes to purchasing a wallet, there really is no point in buying something that will not last. A wallet that only lasts you for a few months can actually end up costing you more money than you ever anticipated. In addition to the..Read more

CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Money Clip Matte Credit Card Business Card Holder

CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Money Clip Matte Credit Card Business Card Holder

CL Carbonlife are known in the fashion industry for their wallets and money clips. One of their products is the Carbon Fiber Money Clip. It is designed to hold cash, credit cards, and your business cards. It has a textured finish that’s stylish and chic...Read more

How Long Do Leather Wallets Last

How Long Do Leather Wallets Last

When buying a wallet, you have a large choice in the market because different manufacturers are coming up with hundreds if not thousands variety of wallets that you can choose from. The wallet is the most important accessories for men as it is for women...Read more