December 19, 2018

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How Do You Find the Best Wallet Design

The best slim wallet for men


Can you feel your wallet digging into you each time you sit down or walk down the street, chances you have found yourself here because you are searching for a solution to that problem. Slim […]

How To Maintain Leather Wallet

How To Maintain Leather Wallet

Men's Wallet Advice

A wallet is one of the must-have accessories in your life. It is even more so important for you to take care of it. Your wallet requires a commitment to keep it in a pristine […]

Slim Front Pocket minimalist wallet Leather RFID Wallet for Men

The best minimalist wallet for Men


Minimalist wallets are growing in popularity as people move away from a old fashioned, traditional lifestyle to a more busy and vibrant 21st century way of living. These wallets don’t feel bulky in your pocket, […]

How to make a mens leather wallet

How To Make A Men’s Leather Wallet

Men's Wallet Advice

If you like minimal wallets, you are going to love making your minimalist leather wallet. The minimalist trend is a great addition to the many trends in the men’s fashion. Choosing to go for minimalist […]


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