I would like to introduce myself, My name is Jamie and I created this site and I have a story to tell.

The past

Let me tell you how it started, I was the proud owner of the most amazing wallet, I bought it by chance, it caught my eye one day when I was shopping. After looking it over, I had to buy it. I knew I would be at home later that day regretting my decision if I didn’t take action. The funny thing is I am not an impulse buyer at all.
The wallet was lightweight and it could handle everything I had to carry.
It never felt too big that I had to worry about my trouser pockets bulging out if I was carrying all my cards and cash.
It never felt too small that I had to worry about bank notes not fitting in or if I put it down I would lose it.
Most impressive of all it was fit for all occasions, no matter what I was wearing.
After constant daily use for five years, I started to notice that the seams were coming apart. Before I knew it, the card holders were kaput.
I considered taking it to the tailors but I figured – why try rejuvenating it to its former glory when I knew deep down the wallet was beyond repair, sometimes you have to let some things go.
I had a good innings with it everyday for five years and some of my best experiences happened with that amazing wallet by my side.

The Present

I figured I would go down to the local shops at the weekend and quickly pick up a similar one – this was a rookie mistake.
I searched all the fashion shops and market stalls and found every wallet they had on offer were bland, chunky and some even smelled a bit off! A venture in vain but I gained knowledge that I would have to look further afield.
I am not the most picky person in the world but let me tell you – if I am to carry something on me everyday for the next few years I want it to be a good quality, stylist wallet that will never let me down and always make a great impression. People do notice.
I started my search on the internet and felt overwhelmed from the beginning. With the sheer amount of wallets available to buy there was no way I could compare them all and find what I needed. I attempted to find a website that had done the hard work for me – to find the best wallets around, put them into categories and review them giving the pros and cons of the wallet. I found tumbleweed.
Instead of giving up I saw an opportunity for myself. I could be the person who provides this information. I needed a wallet so would be searching anyway. I have always wanted to create a website and have dabbled lightly (very lightly) in web development in my day job but never created a fully fledged site so I took a deep breath and jumped into the world of web design!
I have had a great time building this site and I hope it brings you the information you are looking for so you can make the best decision in your search for a new wallet.

The Future

As I have put a lot of effort and time into building this site I fully intend to keep it fresh with new reviews and new product lines Hope to see you here again sometime soon – there is much more to come.
Best wishes


P.S – Whilst I was building this website I found my new wallet and reviewed it, can you guess which one it is?
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