CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Money Clip Matte Credit Card Business Card Holder

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CL Carbonlife are known in the fashion industry for their wallets and money clips. One of their products is the Carbon Fiber Money Clip. It is designed to hold cash, credit cards, and your business cards. It has a textured finish that’s stylish and chic.

It is the perfect gift item for men who already have everything. The money clip is made of genuine carbon fiber that makes it lightweight. It also gives the product its high gloss texture. It is created to return to its original shape even after stretching it.

One way to describe the CL Carbonlife Money Clip is that it is simple and yet high-tech. It does what it is supposed to do, which is to hold your money, credit cards, business cards, and other stuff. It is definitely the better alternative to a billfold.


Pros of Using CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Keeps Its Shape – The CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Money Clip will snap back to its original form after you removed everything from it. Some money clip wallets on the market today would stay in an open position after removing all the cash and cards from it.

Made of Genuine Carbon Fiber – Carbon fiber is known as one of the toughest materials today. With CL Carbonlife proprietary technology, your credit cards will be safe from handheld scanners that will try to steal data from the cards’ magnetic strips and radio frequency. Each laminate of the carbon fiber has been designed to provide a good grip and at the same time adjust to the thickness of the items it holds.

Safely Go Through Airport Security – Another advantage of using carbon fiber is that it will not set off alarms in the airport. Although you are still required to put it in the bin as you go through security, it will not trigger any additional screening.

Cons of Using CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Larger than Most Money Clip Wallets – The CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Money Clip is bigger than the typical money clip, but it makes up for it for being lightweight. Its size doesn’t matter anyway because it doesn’t add any weight to the cards and cash in your pocket.

Too Tight – There are some people who complain that the clip is too tight for their liking. They can’t fit a lot of bills with the money clip. They feel that it is not flexible enough to insert the money and cards in.

Too Smooth – Its surface is smooth that people might think that it is made of plastic. However, its matte finish is definitely an eye catcher and friends will want to know where you bought it.

The CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Money Clip is a great gift for men who love things with minimalist design. It is one of the best options when it comes to wallets and money clips on the market today. If only it was a little bit smaller, then it will be the perfect money clip that money can buy.

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