Dante RFID Genuine Leather Wallet with RFID Blocking Review

Credit Card Bonanza with RFID Blocking Review
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When you are looking for a wallet, there are many things to consider, but above all, you want something that – from a standpoint of practicality – supports your daily life and general routine. Are you a big credit card user or do you prefer cash? Are there other activities that require you to carry around some sort of a pass or identification? From a practicality aspect,these are the main things to consider. If on top of that, the wallet also fits your fashion style, it’s the cherry on the top.

The Dante RFID Genuine Leather Wallet might just be the accessory that can pull off that feat. Measuring4.4*3.6*0.55 inch, andfeaturing RFID blocking ability,the main calling card of this accessory is the available space it sports.

You can store up to 10 credit cards and fill up two ID-windows, and if thatstill isn’t enough, there are two cash compartments. Thanks to the design, even if you fill it up to the brink, the wallet still doesn’t get too bulky.

Pros of Dante RFID Genuine Leather Wallet

There are many things to like about the Dante RFID in terms of design and practicality.

  • RFIDBlocking: This is likely the main selling point of the wallet. Ever since RFID (Radio-frequency identification) payment options became available, there were security issues with the tech. Turns out, if someone clever enough tried to steal your data, they could do that with the right equipmentwithout ever having to put their hands on the card itself. RFID blocking prevents that. The card slots in the wallet are equippedwith a blocking material that stops the radio signals from reaching the card’s chip. The system was tested and approved for a wide frequency range, from 10MHz up to 3000MHz, including the 13.56 MHz where the standard credit card operate.
  • Spaciousness: This wallet has a lot of space, including 10 credit card compartments, two ID-windows and two cash storages you can use. That much space often makes a wallet bulky, but the designers managed to avoid that here, at least to a certain degree.
  • The RFID Blocking Material: Some walletwith the RFID blocking feature uses coarse materials, and it becomes a serious challenge to slide your credit cards in and out. It looks like the Dante RFID managed to avoid that problem. The designers incorporated a nice slippery material allowing you to store and take out your cards in a very easy motion.
  • Genuine Leather Material: wallet genuine leather wallet has a nice feel. Obviously, if you are a vegan or decided to not buy anything that’s made out of animal material, this is not a plus for you. Nonetheless, most people enjoy the feel and touch – not to mention aesthetic qualities – that only genuine leather can provide, and if you are one of them, this is definitely a big plus.
  • Elegant Design: Everything from the packaging to the actual wallet looks great from a design standpoint. If you buy this wallet, you will feel like you purchased a luxury item, which is very rare at that ridiculously low price.


  • It Might Be Too Big For Some: While the wallet is not considered too big or bulky for the space it can provide, if you are looking for a small accessory, this is probably not the best choice for you. Some customers complained about the fact that they were not able to put the wallet into their front pockets.
  • Some Signals Go Through: In some rare cases, the wallet did not stop every electronic signals from going through. The RFID blocking material works well for the most part, but apparently, it is not 100% safe, although, what is?


The Dante RFID Blocking wallet comes at an excellent price. You get a stylish wallet made of top-notch material, providing you practicality and safety.

It’s an ideal wallet for those, who enjoy walking around without cash, relying on their cards to complete their transactions. Dante RFID can hold up to 10 cards, and you can store two photographed ID cards, and put your cash – in case you have it with you – into two different storage spaces.

The spacious design is one of the strongest selling points of this accessory, but not theonly one. The genuine leather material is a nice touch from the designers,and the smell of real leather is unmistakable. The Dante RFID might be a little too big for some people. If you have a small hand it is probably not be the best solution, but the positives far outweigh the cons.

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