GDTK Review, a Slim and Stylish Retro Choice

GDTK Review a Slim and Stylish Retro Choice
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A couple of years after the first-generation RFID-enabled credits cards were thrown into circulation, wallets able to block the signal became a crucial line of defense. The chips have come a long way since, but it is still crucial to have that extra layer of security.

If you are shopping using contact less payment options, buying a wallet like this is basically mandatory. You never know when a crook will try to take advantage of you. GDTK understands this, and their slim, retro style wallet is a popular choice among customers in need of RFID-blocking wallets.

There are several reasons why this accessory stands out. The aesthetics are amazing and feature style, material, design, and color, taking you back to the 1980s. With its 4.40″ x 3.50″ x 0.41″ dimensions, the GDTK wallet is average-sized, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of people.

It is also a multifunction wallet, which mostly means easy access to your most important private papers, but more about that later. The company has confidence in their product, which is reflected by the 100% money-back guarantee. The cowhide leather perfectly complements the design, and that is clearly one of the biggest strengths of this wallet.

Pros of GDTK Wallet

  • Retro Style: From the wonderfully nostalgic brown color andthe stitching, right through to the cowhide leather material, everything about this wallet screams retro. I personally don’t think that retro as a style should always be celebrated. There are certain items and style guidelines that should probably stay buried in the past. Having said that, this wallet is not among them. It really is a solid choice that goes well with a number of clothing styles, be it elegant or more casual. Simply put, the GDTK looks good.
  • Money Back Guarantee: A no-brainer, if you decide that you don’t like the retro style or the wallet is too big – or maybe too small – for your personal preference.This offer means there is no harm done, you can simply send it back and get a refund.
  • Nine Slots for Your Cards: RFID-blocking cards usually come with at least six or seven card slots for obvious reasons. This one, however, has nine of them, which may feel like overkill at first, but the layout is rather convenient, so you probably won’t mind it, even if you won’t fill them all up.
  • Multifunction: The wallet was designed for people who have a lot of papers, cards, and the occasional cash. It has a center flip ID Window, which is rather convenient when you have to show your driver’s license quickly. This comes in handy for those, who travel frequently. In addition, the wallet has the above mentioned nine card slots, two pockets for your cash, and another ID-window for your work pass or library card.


  • ID-Window Sometimes Too Small: One of the few cons is the size of the ID-window. Most identification card will fit in, but some of them may get stuck occasionally, and pulling them out and putting them back in again would probably damage the wallet in the long run. If you have an ID card that is bigger than the standard American size, you may want to check it before you purchase it, but with the 100% money back guarantee, there is no real harm done, even if you find your ID card won’t fi
  • Too Complex: For some customers, the nine card slots, two ID-windows and the two cash compartments may be overkill. Those, who have two or three cards, along with one identification papers, and maybe their driver’s license, this is indeed too much. If you don’t have many private papers or cardsfor other activities, this is probably not the best choice for you.


If you need a wallet that comes with RFID blocking abilities, you have at least four or five cards, and you enjoy retro accessories, the GDTK is likely one of your best options.

Especially in the brown version, the retro design shines through, and it goes well with most clothing styles. In addition to this, the wallet is really spacious, has multiple card slots – as many as nine of them -, along with two cash compartments, one flip pocket for your main identification card, and another one for any additional photo IDs.

If you only have a couple of papers or few cards this may be not for you, but otherwise, it’s an excellent choice. The cowhide leather is genuine, it may does not smell like the finest leather in the world but for that price, it is definitely excellent quality reinforcing the whole aesthetic design.

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