How Do You Find the Best Wallet Design?

How Do You Find the Best Wallet Design
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You’re probably pretty happy with the wallet you’re carrying around. It holds everything you need it to, so it’s doing its job pretty well.

You may not believe that a lot of thought went into the design of your wallet. But the truth is that manufacturers do have to work hard to make wallets. Most will want to create the best wallet design possible so they can increase sales and build their reputations.

Tips on Finding The Best Wallet Design

So, that brings us to the question of what goes into designing a good wallet. How does a manufacturer create the best wallet design possible? There are five major factors that go into good wallet design and the best pieces tend to include all of them.

Factor #1 – Subtlety

Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your wallet because it feels uncomfortable in your pocket? If the answer is “yes,” then you’ve come across a design flaw.

The best wallet design leans toward subtlety. It should feel like the wallet has disappeared inside your pocket until it’s time for you to use it again.

You’ll see this in the shape and size of many good wallets. They have rounded corners and a slim look. You can pop this type of wallet into your pocket and not have to worry about any unsightly bulges. It won’t squirm free of your pocket when you’re moving around and you won’t notice it until you need it.

Factor #2 – It’s an Extension of You

This is more of a personal design trait, rather than a manufacturing one. Even so, wallet designers make so many wallets because they want to appeal to as many people as possible.

Your wallet is an extension of who you are. The best wallet design in this respect depends on you. You may want to express your fandom of a movie or a video game. Or you may want something that goes well with formal wear.

Whatever the case may be, wallet designers must account for personal taste.

Factor #3 – Storage

Practicality is vital in a wallet. Your wallet could look the part, but you won’t use it very often if it only has a couple of card slots or if it doesn’t have enough space for your money.

Wallet manufacturers have to strike a balance between storage space and accessibility. Too much storage leads to a bulkier wallet, which goes against the subtlety factor. Not enough storage makes the wallet impractical.

Efficiency is key. You’ll find that a lot of good wallet designs have slots for between four and six cardsin addition to note holders and coin pockets. Some niche wallets focus on cards only. Either way, the wallet must meet your storage needs without compromising the look and feel of the wallet.

Factor #4 – Space for the Little Things

The contents of your wallet fall into two camps. Most of them are things you take around with you every day. Your money, cards, and identification all fall into this category. Then you have the interlopers. These are the little things that may only call your wallet home for a day, but you need them for that time.

Shopping lists and receipts may fall into this latter camp. This relates to wallets because the best wallet design offers space for the items you use all the time, with a little left over for the one-off items.

This brings us back to storage, in some respects. Still, it always helps if your wallet has a hidden pocket or a small space for the occasional extra item.

Factor #5 – Durability

The final factor is among the most important. You’ll take your wallet everywhere with you. It will spend a lot of time in pockets, plus you’ll be opening and closing it constantly throughout the day. Exposure to the elements creates another problem.

All of these things combine to create wear and tear on your wallet. As such, the wallet needs to be made of materials that can stand constant use. Leather is a popular choice, though many manufacturers also offer sturdier options. Today, it’s not uncommon to see wallets made using aluminum or carbon fiber.

Durability extends beyond the wallet and into how well it protects its contents. A poorly-made wallet may fall apart, which means your valuables lose the protection a wallet should provide.


Combine all of these factors together and you have a recipe for the best wallet design. Manufacturers constantly tweak their designs, sometimes favoring one factor over the other. Your own needs will also play a part in your decision.

For example, you may prioritize storage over subtlety, or you may need a wallet that can stand up to the elements. Regardless, good manufacturers focus on these five factors to create the best wallet design.


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