How Long Do Leather Wallets Last

How Long Do Leather Wallets Last
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When buying a wallet, you have a large choice in the market because different manufacturers are coming up with hundreds if not thousands variety of wallets that you can choose from. The wallet is the most important accessories for men as it is for women.

Among the different styles available in the market today includes linen, suede, canvas, leather, nylon and plenty more other choices for everyone. With the different varieties available in several shape, sizes, and styles, it can be a difficult challenge to choose a wallet.

One of the qualities which are commonly regarded at the higher end of the variety is the leather wallet. Many people prefer the use of leather wallet because it exudes a sense of exclusivity and is also highly durable. However, with a great look, comes a great responsibility to take care of the leather.

If you want to maintain your leather wallet for a long period, you need to take care of it well. Before you do that, you need to understand how long leather can last.

So, how long does leather last?

Leather is very durable. There is very few materials that can outdo the durability of the leather. Its long lasting feature has been proven over centuries. However, it is also notable that there are different types of leather used to make wallets. In this article, we will discuss several of the most common types of leather used for wallets.

Genuine leather

While genuine seems a fancy word to describe leather, this is a category of leather that is commonly seen in low quality products. Genuine leather does not last long and it does not have a classic finish like the rest of the leathers. Any leather wallets, which is made using this material are usually from the lower end price range.

The process of making this leather is simply by bonding several layers of leather together. All of the layers used are of low-quality. To give it a better finish, the manufacturer usually paint it to make it look like a better quality leather, when in fact it is just a low-quality leather. If you are buying wallets with this type of leather, you can expect it to last anywhere between one month to 6 months. Leather of this quality is proportionate to the low price tag usually on it.

Top grain leather

Another type of leather which you will find to be an upgrade from genuine leather. It is commonly used to make wallets and purses. Top grain leather is often used for smaller leather goods. Many luxury brands also use top grain leather for their wallets. To make this leather, a full grain leather is separated from each other. If there are any imperfections, it will simply be sanded away.

To give it a better look, it will be colored and receive treatment. The end product of any wallets created using top grain leather is usually very glossy because it ends up having a plastic look to it. You can expect to use this top grain leather wallet anywhere between six months to over a year if you can maintain it well.

This leather usually ends up looking worn out after a period. The finish of this leather is usually great and it gives a great look to the wallet itself. This leather wallet is a great choice for anyone who appreciates the external look of a wallet rather than its practicality.

Full grain leather

The full grain leather is the best of its kind because it uses an entire grain of a hide. It is well known for its toughness that you can keep this leather for decades to come. Due to its high quality, it is commonly used for extensive leather items such as utility belts. There are manufacturers that prefer to use this leather which has natural marks on it. These marks are naturally from the animals.

However, if you are purchasing from a higher end brand, these companies will not use flawed grain leather. A full grain leather is the ultimate type of leather that can last for years. If you take good care of them, it will produce a substance called patina. As the leather wallet ages, it has a more unique look to it because of the patina.

When you want to select a good leather wallet, always look out for a full grain leather wallet because it is the best type of leather wallet that you can choose from. It is also often the most expensive type of leather wallet, but it pays you well with its high durability. You can quite possibly have it for decades to come if you maintain it properly.

What types of leather wallet should you stay away from?

While there are no quality leathers on the market, there are several types of leather that you should not buy at all. Stay away from bonded leather is because they are scraps of leather, which are glued together to form one piece. Patent leather has a low-quality and glossy finish to the end product. Lastly, you should stay away from corrected grain leather because it is merely leather bonded with synthetic materials.

Wrapping it up

The ultimate choice for a leather wallet should be a full-grain leather. As you use it, it will experience changes in color which give it a unique appearance. The full-grain leather is the ultimate choice when it comes to a good leather wallet because you can keep it for life. One thing to keep in mind when you want your wallets to last is the proper maintenance of the leather.

Investing some time to educate yourself about how to give proper care to your leather will benefit you in the long run. Without proper care, you will find that your leather goods tend to wear and tear easily. Keep an eye out on the manual for each leather wallet because the manufacturer usually specifies the method to clean it.

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