NapaWalli RFID Blocking Wallet Review

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Finding the right wallet is never an easy task to do. There are many different things to consider, when you are looking to invest in a decent wallet. A poor quality wallet can result in all sorts of problems, such as your money falling out and even the loss of credit cards. Some wallets are also easier than others, for people to pick pocket.

Imagine a wallet that solves all of your problems, and which is guaranteed to last longer than most other wallets on the market. The good news is that the NapaWalli RFID Blocking Wallet does all of this and so much more.
We understand just how overwhelming it can be, trying to find the right wallet.

If you are like most people, you more than likely have already gone through several wallets in your lifetime. It goes without saying that you work really hard for your money and the last thing that you need is to lose money due to a bad wallet.

If you have been disappointed with a wallet in the past, please do not allow that experience to stop you, as this wallet is honestly a game changer. Say goodbye to bad wallets that keep breaking and say hello to this brand new wallet that is honestly a lifesaver. We have done our best to do extensive research into all the different aspects of this wallet for you.

We are super impressed and we want to share with you, our findings. This once off purchase will be able to sort out all your wallet problems for many years to come.


• Made from genuine leather
• Holds up to 10 cards
• Has a pull tab design in order to reduce bulk
• Slim design
• Available in all sorts of different colors
• Makes use of advanced RFID secure technology
• Contains a metal composite which blocks 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals
• Protects information stored on RFID chips
• Prevents all sorts of unauthorized scans
• Contains a front pocket and 2 inside pockets
• Photo ID slot
• Money clip to hold your cash
• Smart pull strap for easy access


• Holds all cards and money very comfortably
• Excellent quality
• Many compartments
• Small and light in size
• Easy to access
• Fits in your pocket
• Very functional
• Excellent design
• Keeps your money and cards safe
• Money clip holds your cash securely
• Photo id slot is convenient
• Wallet case contains an easy to use strap for access to your cards
• Minimizes the bulk with its design


• The RFID technology doesn’t protect you again cards that operate at frequencies which are below 125 kHz
• Smaller in size than most wallets
• Not much extra room for cards


When it comes to finding an ideal wallet, this may be a very difficult task. We are pleased to say that the NapaWalli RFID Blocking Wallet is really fit for purpose. It does everything that it says and much more. You will find that it is very functional and great to use. It offers much in terms of safety and security than the majority of other wallets on the market.

The RFID technology does an excellent job and this is really a revolutionary concept that is super impressive. If you are going to be investing in a wallet, it would be within your interest to rather invest in this incredible product.
In terms of comfort and fit, you will not find anything better. It really is one of a kind.

If you are into fashion, then you could have fun picking out your color. We were very impressed with the amount of different colors available. You could even buy more than one wallet for yourself as a present. One wallet for everyday use and another wallet for business trips, the possibilities are completely endless.

It has many compartments which makes this a great option for you. Many wallets are limited in terms of the amount of compartments that they have. It is always advisable to buy a wallet that will allow you to carry extra cash and cards should the need arise. This wallet caters for all your needs and so much more.


When it comes to the NapaWalli RFID Blocking Wallet we truly believe that it is the best wallet on the market. In terms of security, design, safety, comfort, durability and more, it is a fantastic wallet in our eyes. However the only way to really determine if it is as impressive as we think it is, is by comparing it to similar wallets.

Only after comparing it to similar wallets, will we really have a fair idea of how it measures up. We did our best to try to consider exactly what somebody would want and need when investing into a wallet. In order to really make our decision, we looked at two very similar wallets. We compared it to the Travelambo RFID Blocking Wallet and the Leoparrd RFID Blocking Wallet.

Firstly we looked at the Travelambo RFID Blocking Wallet; this is a very masculine wallet, which is also made from genuine leather. It offers a sleek design which is also light in weight and suits any outfit. It is perfect for both casual and corporate use. It comes with the RFID blocking technology, which has been approved by lap tests.

It also offers a quick access for your ID and it contains 9 card slots. One of the most impressive features of this wallet is that each one is made by hand in order to enhance the quality and to reduce the leather stretching. Although this seemed like an excellent product we did find very unsettling problems.

It is a very bulky wallet and the slots are not ideal to fit cards in. It also is quite difficult to remove cards easily. This may be due to the sizing of the slot. In some cases the RFID technology had a tendency to malfunction which defeats the purpose of this wallet.

Next we took a look at the HIMIRFID Blocking Wallet. This wallet is also genuine leather, and it comes with RFID blocking security. It contains 8 card slots and 2 additional slots behind them. The design is compact and it can hold over 10 cards at a time. I

ts packaging, is really great, it comes with a luxury box and a fabric dust bag making it ideal for a gift. One of the biggest challenges that we found with this wallet was that, the RFID technology did not work on all wallets.
All in all, we found that all three wallets were good products.

They were all very similar in nature, but there is however one winner that stands out to us. The winning wallet in our opinion has got to be the NapaWalli RFID Blocking Wallet. Overall it is a sure winner, and comes with many extras which the other wallets do not have.


In this case it was not very easy for us to choose a winner. Even though all three wallets seemed to be great, they did not have the exact same features. The wallet which stood out the most to us has got to be the NapaWalli RFID Blocking Wallet. We couldn’t help but notice that the other wallets had problems with their RFID technology, where as this one seemed to work smoothly.

It would really defeat the purpose of buying a wallet with this technology, if the technology failed to work.
The other two wallets did not meet our high standards. However the winning wallet has an impressive list of features. It also has more pros than cons. In addition it has many extras that the other wallets do not have.

It comes in many colors, it also very sold and stylish. It is fit for purpose in everything that you could need and want in a wallet.

We believe in terms of durability that the NapaWalli RFID Blocking Wallet is guaranteed to last you longer than the others. This is a great wallet to invest in, if you are sick of breaking wallets and money falling out.

This wallet will prevent you from having all of these problems and so much more. It is very compact and it will hopefully help protect your money and cards for a very long time to come.

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