Wallet Types

Bifold wallets

The most common type of men’s wallet, this folds out into two parts, sometimes you’ll get both sides for cards, sometimes you’ll get a coin purse on one side, whichever you prefer. It is a great all rounder and some consider it the best men’s wallet for its convenience and ease of use in everyday life.

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Trifold wallets

This type of men’s wallet opens up into 3 sections as the name suggests, if you need the extra room for your cards this is defiantly the best option to go for as it can handle just about everything you’d need to carry around in a wallet.

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Checkbook wallets

Checkbook wallets are like Trifold wallets but much larger in nature and can fit a multitude of items in them, including..you guessed it, a checkbook, before it ever gets full. This would suit someone who likes all their possessions stored in one place.

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Money Clips

Money Clips and Money Clip Wallets are for the minimalist. Their design is made to be lightweight, they are a statement showing you value style and class

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